Our client

An unnamed government agency or office.

Their Issue

Their noSQL database had extremely long composite keys which made data retrieval problematic.

Our Role

Bastion Software took on an advisory and remediation role on data collection and updating the CosmosDB implementation.

Their Solution

Since the database was active in production and had an extremely high write-frequency, taking the table itself down and re-architecting it wasn't an option.
Instead, we built a data dictionary to identify previously untracked dependencies, then designed and built a relational reporting database. Using those structures, we were able
to configure ETL jobs to move the noSQL data into the normalized database with a reporting web frontend for the client's customers.
By taking the reporting load off the NoSQL database, the client was able to reduce their investment in hardware and hotfixes for their customers, and focus on the process of re-architecting
the NoSQL database and the associated REST endpoints.


  • Javascript
  • T-SQL
  • jQuery
  • C# Core
  • Azure
  • CosmosDB
  • HTML5
  • CSS3