Our Focus

Bastion Software is a software development and security company located in Portland Maine, operating worldwide.
We've worked with clients large and small, from three-person owner-operated ventures to 27,000+ employee publicly
traded companies, and by focusing on client needs we've been able to help all of them succeed.

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Development Services

We build software to enable businesses success;
working closely with the people creating real business value lets us write effective software.

Two-Part Authentication

Security Design

From a simple paywall through complex two-part authentication, Bastion Software will work with you to find the personalized solutions to keep your data and business secure.

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Disaster Recovery

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but if a breach does occur Bastion Software is able to come in and help minimize damage and address any vulnerabilities.


Case Studies

Corporate Clients

Bastion Software works with businesses of all sizes to find personalized solutions, increasing efficiency and profitability.

Financial Institutions

Bastion Software has experience providing services to a national subsidiary of a multinational financial institution.


Bastion Software has created streamlined workflow systems for governmental agencies.


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